The UK Smoking Ban

Here is a chance for people of all shades of opinion to discuss the rights and wrongs of the UK smoking ban.
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 United States National Security Council

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PostSubject: United States National Security Council   United States National Security Council I_icon_minitimeFri Dec 31, 2010 12:13 pm

The White House National Security Council (NSC) in the United States is the principal forum used by the President of the United States for considering national security and foreign policy matters with his senior national security advisors and Cabinet officials and is part of the Executive Office of the President of the United States. Since its inception under Harry S. Truman, the function of the Council has been to advise and assist the president on national security and foreign policies. The Council also serves as the president's principal arm for coordinating these policies among various government agencies. The U.S. Council has counterparts in the national security councils of many other nations.

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United States National Security Council
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