The UK Smoking Ban

Here is a chance for people of all shades of opinion to discuss the rights and wrongs of the UK smoking ban.
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PostSubject: Smokeasies   Smokeasies I_icon_minitimeFri Apr 10, 2009 9:09 am

Antis : a smokeasy is simply a pub or club where the owner allows people to smoke. Either they ignore the ban all the time, or they allow smoking after a certain time, or on certain days. I want you to understand what is being discussed, in order for you to be horrified.

Normal people : Why dont we talk about which places allow smoking (with private messages, obviously, we wouldnt want the snivelling antis to put an end to our fun).

So, to sum up, this is where we normal people talk in secret about where to go for a nice pint and a smoke, and where you sit and watch helplessly in your nazi uniforms, wishing you could do something about it, which of course you cant.

There are so many pubs where you can smoke if you know the right people, its unbelieveable. Lets spread the word.
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