The UK Smoking Ban

Here is a chance for people of all shades of opinion to discuss the rights and wrongs of the UK smoking ban.
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PostSubject: Pure    Pure  I_icon_minitimeWed Dec 29, 2010 5:08 pm

Ok i have had this game for some time now and i must say, for it being a hacked down Microsoft version of motorstorm its pretty damn good.

Where to start on this... well il start with what the game is about, its about quad racing, and no there isnt a storyline to it, just PURE racing (see what i done there?). You start off with the crappiest of quads and racer and you start on an easy race against similarly matched crappy quads.

The race types range from sprints, circuits to max point scoring stunt races. these races make up championships of about 4 - 5 races some clearly harder than others depending on the quad you build/use. As you win each race and then championship you unlock parts for your quad and special upgrades which you choose either boosts performance or stability.

The upgrade process is quite deep in terms of parts available, they provide a "quick build" button which is either race or stunt (i think its those two) so you have a slower yet agile stunt machine or a fast as hell "im not stunting on this i wanna win" quad. You can also choose what you want yourself if you are not quite happy with what they choose or you dont like to feel like a sheep and following what the game recomends.

Down to the actual gameplay, its good... its not the best, being it based on only quads, it gets slightly dull but its a short game, easily completed in a day if your a hardcore gamer. But it is fun none the less, the achievements in this game are like most others, some pretty easy ones and then some, what seem, impossible ones. The controls are nicely thought out, the trick system is pretty simple to pick up and the "special moves" for each character require one big ass jump to pull off, these jumps are usually marked out by flares so easy to spot.

Right, the graphics, again could be better but nothing to moan about, they are your typical next gen, lower range budget game graphics. It has nothing on the PS3's motorstorm so dont be tihnking your getting a "this is just as good as that, i dont need a PS3" type of game, because your not. Though if your not getting a PS3 for whatever reason then this game is a nice day to feed you hunger for next gen race games.

Nearly forgot, the AI, very nice indeed... only once did i get unfairly shunted of the track by these unstoppable opponents, you know how it goes, you try hitting them and you end up going flying off somewhere onto the next track. Well this game isnt soo bad for that, the oponents do move but are not easy to knock off, which i like as it makes it a challenge to win the race through skill not brute force.

Anything i have missed, just place it here followed by a ? and i shall answer it.

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